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Whether you’re trying to advance an important cause, change public policy or secure critical funding, we help you plan, organize, build power, apply pressure and achieve change.


  • Advocacy Planning & Strategy

  • Grassroots / Community Organizing

  • Power Mapping

  • Coalition Building

  • Public & Community Engagement

  • Legislative Engagement / Lobbying


Whether a candidate, ballot initiative or issue campaign, we partner with you to put together the plan, develop the tools and produce the materials you need to run an effective, winning campaign.


  • Campaign Planning & Strategy

  • Message Development

  • Advertising (mail, literature, signs, etc) 

  • Website / Digital / Social Media

  • Press / Communications

  • Grassroots / Political Organizing


Whether it's crafting the winning message, developing a high-stakes work product, or navigating through a communications challenge, we'll help you find the right words to match the moment.


  • Communications Planning & Strategy

  • Message Development

  • ​Ad Copywriting

  • Speechwriting

  • Public Testimony

  • Press Releases / Media Advisories

  • Op-eds / Letters To The Editor

  • White Papers / Policy Briefs

  • Internal / External Communications

  • Pitches (Start-ups, fundraising, etc)


From ideation to execution, we partner with you every step of the way.



Founder & Principal

Lenny Speiller (he/him) is a seasoned public affairs professional and political strategist, who’s worked on the front lines of campaigns, in the halls of government and for social justice causes throughout his career.

With 15+ years of experience leading advocacy, political and communications campaigns and initiatives, Lenny draws upon a unique blend of cross-disciplinary expertise spanning government and legislative affairs, communications and marketing, policy and research, campaign management, community engagement and political organizing. Driven by a passion to help others make their corners of the world more just, equitable and opportunity-filled, he started Civicus Strategies in 2019.

Some of his most recent work experience includes: being a full-time dad to an amazing new daughter; leading external relations and communications at Achievement First (a nationally celebrated non-profit network of public charter schools); serving as Executive Director of the Office of Public Affairs at the New York City Department of Education; and spearheading the "Get Out The Vote" (GOTV) and election day operations for Mayor Mike Bloomberg's successful re-election campaign. 

A native New Yorker, Lenny graduated summa cum laude from Queens College at the City University of New York (CUNY) with a B.A. in Political Science. For the last six years, he, his wife and daughter have made their home in New Haven, Connecticut. 


civicus [sĭv·ĭk·us] (latin): civic; of or pertaining to a city or citizens

CIVICUS STRATEGIES exists to help advance the civic good.

We are a different kind of consulting firm that specializes in supporting advocacy, campaigns and communications initiatives for those seeking to make a positive change in the public square.

There are so many individuals and organizations eager to make a difference on a cause they care about or on a critical issue facing their community, but they often don't quite know where to start or need some extra help and expertise to ensure their effort is a successful one. That's where Civicus Strategies comes in. 


We provide our clients with the high-level strategy and hands-on supports needed to help move their causes, campaigns and organizations forward, from ideation through execution. So, however you’re seeking to advance the civic good -- whether it’s advocating for an important issue, trying to pass a new law, running for elective office or launching a start-up initiative -- Civicus Strategies can help construct the winning plan, craft the right message and create the tools, materials and media you need to successfully get the word out, move people to action, advance your agenda and win.

We also collaborate with trusted partners and welcome joint initiatives in order to provide best-in-class services and solutions for our clients and shared causes.

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